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Behind the business card

6 years ago

Here’s a glimpse of our distribution of business cards for one of clients.

VinceCreative Director

We manage the design and production of business cards for lots of clients. A lot of work goes into ensuring that cards are consistently produced. When cards come back from production, we don’t just send them straight out as this time lapse shows. Here’s some of the things that you can see me doing:

  • Checking colour, trimming, marking, etc of each batch of cards against approved colour sheets
  • Ensuring every requested name has been produced in the desired quantity
  • Separating into office batches
  • Extracting samples for future reference
  • Packaging according to office location (we ship to New York, Mumbai, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing, and London just for one client)

While time-consuming, this attention to detail on each job ensures that we can identify issues early and also ensures we never send out a job which isn’t of the highest standard.