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Marking up amends

4 years ago

Some tips and tricks for epic mark-ups

Hennie PeelGraphic Designer

Dear clients,

We’ve recently been exploring ways in which we can deliver more accurate, timely and cost effective work. We sat down as a team and looked at our whole process; from job creation, through to final output. One of the sticking points that seemed to vary hugely between us and our various clients, was the way that we receive and deal with amends.

We therefore worked as a team to create a guide for our clients, explaining the best way to mark up amends, so that we can get them done in the most efficient and cost effective way possible.

We’ve sent it out to some people already, and the feedback has been positive. We hope this guide can reduce time and stress for you, as well as making the amendment process on our side much quicker and more accurate.

We’d appreciate you sending amends through in this way from now on, and we really hope it’s helpful. As always, any feedback is welcome!

Click below to download the guide:

Marking up amends