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ACAMH Membership Animations

ACAMH is a charity that promotes the advancement of child and adolescent mental health. They are raising the standards in the understanding and management of mental health issues via activities such as publishing journals and running conferences and masterclass events.


To create a collection of membership animations that ACAMH can use to promote its memberships to audiences via social media channels and other digital communications. All animations needed to seamlessly fit with ACAMH’s brand guidelines to ensure continuity of messaging.


When creating animations, it is essential that all parties have a strong understanding of how the finished execution will look and work as unlike printed media, small amendments late on can create a lot of additional work. As such, we knew that creating a clear storyboard for each animation would ensure we could convey the design, animation and transition elements to the client effectively. Backing tracks and voiceovers needed to be factored in to ensure that each animation flowed fluidly throughout. By spending time getting the storyboards right, we were able to approach the animation confidently, knowing the client could see our vision.

With the ACAMH brand utilising circles as graphic devices, we saw a clear opportunity to utilise circles to house icons and to act as key elements in the animation and its transitions. Identifying an icon style that was consistent was also essential in allowing messaging to be effectively conveyed to the audience.


We’ve created a number of animations for ACAMH often focusing on different messaging for specific membership audiences. The ability to send targeted, accessible information through simple animations, has allowed ACAMH to gather research about their market and expand their audience via social media channels.

Here’s a few examples of animations we’ve produced for them:


Questions to the client

Did anything stand out in our approach / methodology?

Having a clear step by step process to the animation process enabled our staff to understand the importance of writing a comprehensive brief in order to get the best from a project.

How did you feel when you first saw the animation storyboards?

Delighted that the brief was fully understood and executed on time and on budget to a high standard.

Was there a specific part of our working process that you enjoyed?

We’ve now worked on a number of animations and they're proving very useful in converting a number of propositions into concise, clear messages.