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Better Cotton Initiative Annual Report

The Better Cotton Initiative is a not-for-profit organisation. It exists to make global cotton production better for the people who produce it, better for the environment it grows in and better for the sector’s future, by developing Better Cotton as a sustainable mainstream commodity.


To deliver Better Cotton’s annual report information via an online microsite as well as in printed form to delegates at their Global Cotton Conference.


We provided Better Cotton with a costed proposal for their microsite which highlighted areas we felt would be important in ensuring the project was as engaging as possible. This was created alongside our development partners to ensure proposals were thought through and achievable. We researched a number of different online solutions to present annual report information. It was clear that a lot of information needed to be present within the report but wouldn’t necessarily be required by each different audience. As such, with the microsite, we ensured that there were lots of easy ways to navigate to different content areas allowing the user to maintain control of the viewing experience.

In addition, annual reports tend to contain a lot of statistical information which isn’t usually very engaging. As such, we proposed different ways that these statistics could be represented more graphically for greater audience engagement.

Once the microsite designs were signed off, we were able to shift our focus to the printed collateral that was required for the Better Cotton Conference. We ensured that there was continuity between the microsite design and the printed elements so that audiences would find it easy to move between mediums effortlessly.


The Better Cotton Initiative Annual Report microsite effectively details the work they have undertaken in that year. It allows site visitors to find specific information about BCI’s impact via harvest reports, financial reports as well as case studies from around the world.

The supporting printed collateral we produced and shipped to Berlin for the conference gave delegates a taste of the annual report content, encouraging them to explore more information via the microsite.

Better Cotton were delighted with the solution we delivered and are keen to use the same design and structure for their next annual report (which will launch in June 2018).