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Client Photography / Video

Having in-house photography and video skills, we’re able to offer our clients this service either in tandem with wider projects or as standalone briefs.


Videos and images can be used across various platforms to enhance messaging and engage audiences. We’ve been asked by various clients to capture still or moving image to enhance their communications.


It is essential to have a strong understanding of what’s required when supplying photography or video services. Knowing where images/video will appear, the proportions, what it needs to convey, etc will all affect how the shoot is planned and staged. We always get as much information from the client as possible so that we can complete our in house planning prior to the scheduled shoot. This ensures that shoots don’t need to be recreated at a later date which would raise continuity issues as well as incurring added cost.


We’ve created several videos for use on Instagram capturing brief snippets of client workflow. We’ve attended client events to take photos that have subsequently been used on promotional collateral both online and in print. Also amongst our photography work are portrait photos for online case studies.

Questions to the client

What’s the best thing about working with us?

Aside from great creativity and fast turnaround on projects, I really value the friendly communications. I always know I can pick up the phone to chat something through which makes my job so much easier.

What 3 words would you use to summarise working with us?

Creative, fun and professional.

What makes us different (good or bad)?

Easy going, but maintaining the great standards we expect. I think the ease of communications when working on projects is so valuable. Fever have always been really supportive and have a positive approach at all times.