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Mutual Finance Brand Identity

With over 30 years of market knowledge and experience, MFL is a well-established and highly proficient Real Estate Debt intermediary. MFL provide a bespoke service that assesses client needs and requirements in order to secure the property finance that they require.


MFL were looking for a more dynamic brand identity that would allow them to undertake broader and more sophisticated communications. The previous MFL brand had been communicated consistently but in a relatively simple way and sat at a purely corporate level. It utilised a dark green which was a sophisticated and recognisable colour, sitting well in the corporate spectrum. The logo was clean, clear and bold, with strong lines and hard edges nodding towards the structure of the buildings for which MFL arranged finance. A key aspect of the brief was that MFL recognised that it had clients it had worked with for many years and felt that it was important that any new identity should maintain connections to the old brand.


After reviewing the brief and some initial exploratory meetings and discussions with the client, we undertook a phase of research. This allowed us to get a more in depth insight into the industry, allowing us to spot design and execution trends and also identify opportunities that we could look to capitalise on.

There were elements from the existing brand that we wanted to retain: We felt it was important that we keep the logo and the dark green colour that were already used across the brand. These were both working well to convey the right messages, and reflect MFL’s established, knowledgeable and capable reputation. They would also ensure a clear connection between the old and new especially with its well established client audience.

There were other areas that we knew needed thought and development in order to deliver a dynamic and cohesive visual identity. MFL had historically been overly reliant on property photos in its communications so an alternative visual was something to explore. In addition, we felt there was an opportunity to use the new identity to better explain the MFL client journey making it more accessible and engaging to audiences.


The final concept uses icon style illustration to give the brand a more unique look. The yellow contrasts boldy with the green, causing a striking, memorable visual. The delicate line drawings again re-enforce the idea of sophistication, elegance and structure. The illustrations sit along a dotted line, representing the different stages of the process that a client will experience with MFL. Conversation/personal experience….searching for great opportunities/deals….and expert knowledge of the industry, leads to a great find…..the deal is made….for the property. This lays the foundation for more personalised client journeys allowing MFL to tailor and adapt these depending on the specific client or requirement.

Since the new identity has been launched, we’ve undertaken a range of deliverables in the new style which have included a new website design, client brochure, business stationery, promotional items and email bulletins as well as more bespoke items like their acrylic tombstones (which are given to clients upon the successful completion of a deal).