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North Worcester Primary Academy Branding

North Worcester Primary Academy is a ‘faith ethos’ community school, welcoming applications from all faiths and no faiths, drawing from the distinct values and vision of the Rivers CofE Academy Trust, being ‘love, live and learn’.


To create a visual identity for a school that has not yet been built. The brand needed to establish a reputation for quality and confidence which would generate interest and excitement for the school’s opening.


A key element in the brief was to ensure that the new identity conveyed a sense of confidence. As a brand new school, it didn’t have any reputation (good, bad or indifferent) which meant that the new identity would be important in conveying the school’s values.

We wanted to ensure that we utilised strong contemporary type styling within the logo that would ensure it was easily recognisable both digitally and in print. Utilising a clear and legible typeface both in the logo and in the design layouts alongside professionally taken imagery and plenty of white space ensured that communications would be engaging and easily accessible to target audiences.


We established the logo and some initial supporting collateral (leaflets, banner stands, adverts and letterheads) which have allowed NWPA to begin marketing the school to parents and engage in local consultation activity. The school is due to open in September 2019 so we are looking forward to helping to create future communications as milestones are reached in the school’s development.