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Scarborough TEC Brand Identity

Scarborough TEC is a further education college offering vocational training and education to meet the needs of employers in the future, thus delivering lasting careers for its students.


To create a new name and visual identity for Yorkshire Coast College which would allow them to engage more effectively with students, parents and the local community.


We ran focus groups with students, staff and local stakeholders to test initial names and concepts. These helped us better understand the current and past reputation of the college which proved essential in the development of the final identity.

The college’s old reputation as a Technical College was still extremely strong in the area with many people still referring to it as ‘The Tech’ despite several changes in identity. Using a name that referenced the college’s strong history whilst reflecting its current focus (on Training, Education and Careers) allowed us to deliver an identity that would resonate with a wide range of college stakeholders.

The college aims to predict employment needs of the future (and then offer programmes to meet them) so it was important that the visual identity allowed the college to evidence their market knowledge. Use of strong headlines / statistics in bold colourways alongside real imagery that portrayed students in engaged activity were all essential in creating effective communications.


We delivered over 50 different brand executions in advance of Scarborough TEC’s first information event for prospective students. These included event display stands, online advertising and course guides as well as a set of visual identity guidelines which would ensure the brand would be consistently applied going forward.

The information event generated a real buzz for the college and (with a move to a new campus in the pipeline) allowed them to make a fresh impression on prospective students while reassuring older stakeholders that the quality teaching and delivery from the past would still be in place.

Questions to the client

This was the first project you worked on with us - how did you find out about us?

We ran a competitive tender for this project and received over 20 applications. After a strong interview, Fever were selected to undertake the project for us.

What was the best thing about working with us on this project?

Fever really understood what we were trying to achieve and ensured that the consultation they undertook for the project was meaningful and informed the creative work they produced.

Did anything stand out in our approach / methodology?

Despite being based a long way from us, Fever established a clear project plan with us and were in regular contact via voice and video calls which gave me confidence that the project was progressing towards each milestone.