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Fever is hiring…

About the job Fever i a mall graphic de ign agency ba ed in Clerkenwell looking to expand it team We're a relaxed team who are pa ionate about...
Vincent GermanCreative Director

Creating accurate and engaging data visualisations

Microsoft Excel is extremely powerful and widely used in industry when working with complicated data sets. It isn’t, however, a designer’s best friend as its compatibility with design software commonly leads to much frustration. As designers, we want to take…
Vince GermanCreative Director

Marking up amends

Dear clients, We’ve recently been exploring ways in which we can deliver more accurate, timely and cost effective work. We sat down as a team and looked at our whole process; from job creation, through to final output. One of the sticking points that seemed to vary hugely between us and our various clients, was the way that we receive and deal with amends.
Hennie PeelGraphic Designer

Get to know the Fever team: Megan Outerbridge

Why did you become a designer? I’ve loved graphic design since before I even knew what graphic design was. Once I figured out that I could actually do it as a career, that was it! It combines all my favourite things; experimentation, creation, and organisation.

Making a Difference

It was not a huge project, but in a way it perfectly illustrates how we, as designers, can make a difference. By delivering design a client is happy with, we can give inspiration and confidence, and sometimes a renewed sense of…
7 years ago

Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.

William Morris